Supplemental Liability Insurance

(SLI) is a secondary liability insurance product that perfectly compliments RLP. SLI picks up where RLP (or other primary liability coverage) leaves off. SLI provides third party liability protection to the rental customer up to 1 Million Dollars. When combined with RLP, the customer effectively has coverage from dollar one 
to $1 Million.

SLI provides customers with the peace of mind that only a Million dollars of third party liability protection can provide. Whether your customer is traveling on business or vacation, at home or away, a Million dollars of protection goes with them.

When you provide SLI to your customers, you are not only providing peace of mind, you are increasing your bottom line on each rental. KMIS sets the wholesale price that you pay for SLI, but you set your own retail price. You keep 100% of the difference. The profit margins on SLI are greater than the margins on time and mileage. As SLI sales increase, so does your bottom line.

SLI is available nationwide.

Contact Information
Eric Jarvis, Director

P. 323-692-4033
F. 323-692-4133